Sample Hobby Pack, STL

Sample Hobby Pack, STL

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Hextile Base ver. 0.63

update: 07/01/19 

- optimized some files sizes and corrected the Z orientation.

1x flat/water level Hextile STL

1x ground texture Hextile STL

1x flat/water level w/Hex Grid Hextile STL

1x ground texture w/ Hex Grid Hextile STL

The pictured examples were printed at a .16mm layer height in approximately 5-6 hours.  They were not sanded.  They are 6 inches (152.4mm) wide from point to point, and about 1/8th inch tall.  The Hex grids are 1.25 inches from flat to flat

No Supports are required!  The slots on the sides perfectly fit 2mmx2mm magnets.  I'm in the process of creating a peg file you can print so you can choose to temporarily plug the Hextiles together instead of using magnets.  Hex Grid Hextiles all have blank Hex Grids on their bottoms!

For a 4 or so hour print per tile, I print at a .16 layer height with 2 bottom shells and 4 top shells and a 15% infill.